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    1. MP Daily+

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      The MP Daily+ is a simple and reliable system that provides infusion therapy for a wide range of applications. It is truly ambulatory with a robust design, trouble-free set up and accurate delivery in mm/24hr. A clear informative display giving easy alarm identification. The pump is driven by a dual micro-processor that safeguards smooth operation in any drug delivery applications.

      The key features of MP Daily+ include:

      • MP Daily+ accommodates any brand and size of syringes from 5 to 50ml and is programmable in mm/24h. 
      • The ultra low battery consumption makes the MP Daily+ ideal for both homecare and hospital treatments.
      • Empties completely 20ml syringes.
      • High precision flow rates (1 mm/24hr steps) with prevention of inaccurate infusion delivery.
      • Event history log to store and review pump activities.
      • Adjustable occlusion settings to match specific drug therapies.
      • Anti-tampering features including keypad lock and fixed rate options
      • Lightweight (220g with batteries)
      • Long battery life (2 to 3 months continuous)
      • Configurable options to customize functions and eliminate rate setting errors (flow rate limits)

      Therapy Applications

       Accessories and disposables

      The MP Daily+ comes in a complete package with a comfortable transport bag for ambulatory use, operating instructions and a set of batteries.

      A lockable transport bag is also available to prevent syringe access from the patient.

      The MP Daily+ system can be accompanied on demand by a wide range of therapy specific administration sets.

      Technical Characteristics:
      Dimensions: 170 x 61 x 32 mm
      Weight: 220g including batteries (Alkaline LR03 AAAx6. Rechargeable optional)
      Battery life: More than 70 full infusions at intermediate rate
      Rate: 1 – 99 mm/24hr, in 1 mm/24hr steps 
      Syringes: Each variant dedicated to specific syringes
      Drive Accuracy: ± 2%
      Log: Downloadable event log
      Safety: Fail-safe dual micro-processor motor monitoring
      LCD: Backlit LCD confirms correct operation with alarm and warning indicators

      • Accurate bolus delivery with lock out feature
      • Configurable occlusion level
      • Lockable flow rate
      • Priming


      End of infusion, Pre-end of infusion, Occlusion, System failure, Low battery Depleted battery, Pump on hold, Pump tamper warning, Priming indication and Bolus delivery / Lockout (optional)

      You can download the following quality certificates from the "About Us | About Micrel" section:

      CE Marking

      ISO 9001

      ISO 13485

      ISO 14001

      Freedom without clinical compromise
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