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    1. MP mlh+

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      • 12 micrel MPmlh_noBD_transp_one layer_ Website

      The MP mlh+ is a simple and reliable syringe driver using 10 to 50 ml standard syringes and that provides infusion therapy for a wide range of applications. It is truly ambulatory with a robust design, trouble-free set up and accurate delivery in ml/hr with bolus option.

      A clear informative display giving easy alarm identification with a dual micro-processor construction gives the user confidence in drug delivery applications requiring portability.

      The ultra low battery consumption makes the MP mlh+ ideal for both homecare and hospital treatments.

      The MP mlh+ has the following key features:

      • Uses manufacturer's standard syringes (BD,Terumo, B.Braun, Codan etc) from 10 to 50ml
      • High precision flow rates in ml/hr (0.1 ml/hr steps) with prevention of inaccurate infusion delivery
      • Event History Log to store and review pump activities
      • Adjustable occlusion settings to match specific drug therapies
      • Anti-tampering features including keypad lock and fixed rate options
      • Lightweight (220g with batteries)
      • Long battery life (2 to 3 months with continuous use)
      • Configurable options to customize functions and eliminate rate setting errors (flow rate limits, bolus option,...)

      Therapy applications

      Accessories and disposables

      The MP mlh+ comes in a complete package with a comfortable transport bag for ambulatory use, operating instructions and a set of batteries.

      A lockable transport bag is also available to prevent syringe access from the patient, if necessary.

      Please click on the Specifications Tab on the right to see the specifications of the MP mlh+ pump.


      Technical Characteristics:

      • Dimensions: 170 x 61 x 32 mm
      • Weight: 220g including batteries (Alkaline LR03 AAAx6. Rechargeable optional)
      • Battery life: More than 70 full infusions at intermediate rate
      • Rate: 0.1 – 28.0 ml/hr, in 0.1 ml/hr steps (for BD-20ml)
      • Syringes: BD, Terumo, BBraun, Codan from 10 to 50ml
      • Drive Accuracy: ± 2%
      • Log: Downloadable event log
      • Safety: Fail-safe dual micro-processor motor monitoring
      • LCD: Backlit LCD confirms correct operation with alarm and warning indicators

      • Accurate bolus delivery with lock out feature
      • Configurable occlusion level
      • Lockable flow rate
      • Priming
      • Multi points syringe dislodged detection
      • End of infusion
      • Pre-end of infusion
      • Occlusion
      • System failure
      • Low battery / Depleted battery
      • Pump on hold
      • Pump tamper warning
      • Priming indication
      • Bolus delivery / Lockout (optional)


      MP mlh+ Brochure

      You can download the following quality certificates from the "About Us | About Micrel" section:

      CE Marking

      ISO 9001

      ISO 13485

      ISO 14001

      Freedom without clinical compromise
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