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    1. MP Thalapump 20

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      The MP Thalapump 20 has been specially designed to fit the new standards of Iron Chelation in the treatment of Thalassemia and offers outstanding patient care.

      It is an adjustable rate syringe driver, with rate selection from 3 to 15 mm/h or 24 to 4 hours of infusion. Key features include:

      • Digital programming (screw driver free)
      • Light and easy to carry
      • Clear display of alarms and speed
      • Long battery autonomy

      The new MP Thalapump 20 is a technically advanced syringe driver that incorporates the 30 years of experience and involvement of Micrel Medical Devices in the field of Thalassemia.

      Accessories and Infusion Sets
      The MP Thalapump 20 comes in a complete package with a transport bag for ambulatory use, a shoulder holster, operating instructions and a set of batteries.
      The MP Thalapump 20 can be accompanied on demand by a wide range of therapy specific administration sets.
      Please click on the Specifications Tab on the right to see the specifications of the MP Thalapump 20.


      Technical Characteristics:

      • Weight : 190g with batteries (LR 03 AAAx6)
      • Dimensions : 165 x 40 x 23 mm
      • Battery autonomy : 70 full infusions minimum
      • Accepted syringes: 10,20,30 ml
      • Variable infusion speed: From 3 to 15 mm/h or 24 to 4 hours of infusion
      • Prime facility

      Alarms and Warnings:

      • End of travel (with no sound option)
      • Occlusion
      • Low battery and depleted battery
      • Auto diagnostic

      All information related to speed and alarms is clearly shown on the LCD display for a clear understanding of the infusion status.

      MP Thalapump 20 Brochure


      Please contact us to provide you with the latest Certificate of Conformity.

      You can download the following quality certificates from the "About Us | About Micrel" section:

      CE Marking

      ISO 9001

      ISO 13485

      ISO 14001

      Freedom without clinical compromise
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