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    1. Rythmic? Evolution

      • Ambulatory Infusion Pump Rythmic Evolution Mini
      • Ambulatory Infusion Pump Rythmic Evolution Mini
      • Ambulatory Infusion Pump Rythmic Evolution options available for different drug volumes
      • Infusion Pump Rythmic Evolution System
      • Rythmic Evolution Ambulatory Infusion Pump
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      • Rythmic Evolution - Colour Coded Yellow for PCEA or other applications
        Micrel 14_ENG copy_ Website
      • Rythmic Evolution Mini - Colour Coded Yellow for PCEA or other applications
        Micrel 17_CutOut_ENG copy_ Website
      • Rythmic Evolution 500 Series - Colour Coded Yellow for PCEA or other applications
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      • Rythmic Evolution Case
      • Infusion Pump Rythmic Evolution 500 Series
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      • Micrel 23_ENG copy_ Website

      Rythmic? Evolution is an ambulatory pump for Acute and Chronic Pain management, as well as other continuous infusion therapies such as Chemotherapy, Cystic Fibrosis, Primary Pulmonary HypertensionIVIG.

      Key features of the Rythmic? Evolution portable pump:

      • The new Rythmic? Evolution brings Pain Management to a new era by interacting with the patient and allowing the patient to record his pain level during the therapy through an integrated Visual Analogue Scale (VAS)
      • A protocol library is included in the pump. Caregivers can titrate the selected infusion protocol, staying within pre-programmed safety limits
      • Custom menu with or without Bolus / Dose Limit / Loading dose to fit therapy protocols and avoid set up errors
      • Easy review of patient history thanks to easy-to-read history menu on the pump and display of graphs
      • Simplified set up menu with a 3-step start procedure: Enter Rate, Volume to Infuse and Start infusion.
      • Allows for "Preventive Maintenance" notices
      • Ability to print history and events on a portable printer or download on a PC
      • Connectivity to our proprietary mobile GPRS device IP-Connect? that allows for the best infusion monitoring service available today through our web based MicrelCare Service system

      Rythmic? Evolution is reducing unnecessary alarm activity

       The pump has been designed to reducemost of unnecessary potential alarms whilst preserving full safety: 
      • No air alarm thanks to the air-in-line eliminator incorporated in all sets
      • Automatic restart after occlusion release
      • Long battery autonomy (7 days at 2ml/h) to decrease the frequency of battery alarms and related changes

      Rythmic? Evolution offers "All in One" innovative, high safety, infusion sets
      • All sets include all pre-assembled components thus avoiding additional unsafe connections
      • Available in 100ml or 160ml version for integration into the pump or with Spike for external bags
      • Soft drug bag that is convenient to fill and prime manually or via the pump
      • Built-in anti free flow / back check valve, air eliminator, and extension line on all sets

      Please visit our Infusion Sets section for more information.
      Rythmic? Evolution offers real mobility to patients
      • Small, ergonomic and compact for true and comfortable ambulatory therapies
      • Drug bags for volumes up to 160ml placed in dedicated space inside the pump
      • Lightweight: 290g with dry cell battery
      • Outstanding battery autonomy
      The pump is also supported by a wide range of Accessories.

      Please click on the Specifications Tab on the right to see the specifications of the Rythmic? Evolution pump.

      Delivery modes

      Continuous,  Bolus only, Continuous + Bolus, Programmed Automatic Bolus (PAB)


      +/- 5 %

      Flow rate

      0.1 to 100 ml/h

      Programming units



      0.1 to 99.9 mg/ml/0.1 to 999.9 μg/ml

      Volume to infuse

      1 to 9999 ml

      Bolus dose

      0 or from 0.1 to 60ml with 0.1ml increment

      Bolus flow rate

      100 ml/h, adjustable from 50 to 100 ml/h with 10 ml/h increment

      Lockout interval

      0 to 999 minutes

      Special functions

      Protocol libraries (60 protocol per library)

      Dose limit / x hours and  Bolus limit / x hours

      Loading dose

      Clinician bolus override

      Mandatory priming (enabled, warning only, disabled).

      Therapy monitoring

      Recording of patient pain scores with visual analogue scale (VAS)

      VAS available in the pump history, printable and computer downloadable

      "Ready to Connect" to the MicrelCare System for therapy monitoring through the web.


      0.1 to 2.0 ml/h

      Automatic restart of infusion after occlusion release


      Safety features

      Air in line eliminator

      Free flow protection according to IEC 601-2-24

      Programming within protocol limits

      Dedicated therapy front face for regional analgesia (PCEA/PCRA yellow color code)

      Alarms & warnings

      Occlusion (low 0.8 bar, middle 1.2 bar, high 1.6 bar), near end and end of infusion

      Low and depleted battery

      Dose limit, bolus limit

      Open mechanism, preventive maintenance warning…

      Access code levels



      Protocol libraries programmed with "Rythmic?   Evolution Therapy Manager" computer software

      Direct programming on the pump possible with special access code

      History, infusion graph / printout and PC download

      Yes, including 6500 time stamped events event log

       "Plug and play" print facility

      Battery life

      7 days at 2 ml/h

      Power supply

      90 to 240 V, 50-60 Hz (with optional adaptor KS5.01.615.x)








      Freedom without clinical compromise
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