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    1. MP (Micropump?) Accessories

      • Soft Cover Cases and Belt
      • MP Box
      • Lockable Carrier Bag
      • MP Transparent Bag
      • MP3 Bag
      • MP pole clamp
      • Micrel 43
      • Disposable bag for MP+ pumps (Box of 20 pcs)

      The Micropump? (MP) Accessories range consists of a complete range of accessories that accompany the MP Infusion pumps to successfully address the ambulatory therapy needs.

      Latest additions to our MP Accessories range include:

      • A new soft transport bag that provides great comfort to patients and can fit all types of MP infusion pumps. This new bag also has an optional locker to prevent access to the syringe.
      • A pole clamp that is now also available for the MP range.

      The Micropump? (MP) Accessories are designed to be used with the appropriate MP range pumps. Please click on the Specifications Tab on the right to see the available accessories and their specifications.


       Description  Cat. Number
      MP+ Carrying bag with transparent window 20-50ml  KM1.YY.604.x
      MP+ Soft Locker box  20ml  KM1.YY.164.x
      MP+ Soft Locker box  50 ml  KM1.YY.165.x
      MP+ Pole Clamp KM1.YY.121.x
      Disposable bag for  MP+ pumps (Box of 20 pcs)  KM1.YY.561.x

      The above list is indicative, as new products are constantly being added to our product lines. If you cannot find a suitable product code for your application, please contact us to assist you in finding the right solution for you.


      MP mlh+ Brochure

      MP Thalapump 20 Brochure

      You can download the following quality certificates from the "About Us | About Micrel" section:

      CE Marking

      ISO 9001

      ISO 13485

      ISO 14001

      Freedom without clinical compromise
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