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    1. Mini Rythmic? PN+

      • Rythmic PN+ with battery pack and optional power supply
        PN _battery_pack_power_adaptor
      • Adult rucksack 4L
      • Adult rucksack with wheels
      • Pediatric 2L rucksack, pink, blue or black
        Micrel 62
      • Life goes on....
      • Adult Rucksak with removable wheels
      • Detachable Wheels
      • Rucksack Pediatric 2L-2 pumps, pink, blue or black, with removable wheels
        Micrel 67
      • Rucksack Pediatric 2L-2 pumps, pink, blue or black
        Micrel 69
      • Micrel 33_ENGscr copy_ Website
      • Micrel 81_ENGscr copy_ Website

      The Mini Rythmic? PN+ is an ambulatory pump for Parenteral Nutrition, Antibiotherapy, IVIG, Chemotherapy, Enzyme therapy and other continuous infusion therapies. This portable pump has been designed to:

      • Use an external drug bag so as to infuse unlimited volume, while taking advantage of a compact pump design
      • Incorporate air filter eliminator upstream the air detector to avoid repeated air alarms and related priming constraints
      • Increase operational autonomy and reduce carried weight

      With infusion rates from 0.1 to 400.0 ml/hr (0.1 to 999.9 mg/hr) and a variety of infusion modes choices (Ramp, Intermittent, Continuous and others) the Mini Rythmic? PN+ can be used for any high-demand conitnuous infusion treatment such as Parenteral Nutrition, Chemotherapy and Antibiotics Infusion therapies. 

      Mini Rythmic? PN+ limits "unecessary alarm" activity

      The pump has been designed to reduce most of unnecessary potential alarms whilst preserving full safety:

      • No air alarm due to the air-in-line eliminator, positioned upstream of the AIL detector, so that air alarm means defective filter
      • Automatic restart after occlusion release
      • Long battery autonomy (17hrs @ 300ml/hr with lightweight battery pack) to decrease the frequency of battery alarms and related changes

      Mini Rythmic? PN+ offers "All in One" innovative, high safety, infusion sets    
      • Sets have all components pre-assembled thus avoiding additional unsafe connections
      • There is built-in anti free flow / back check valve, air eliminator and extra long extension line on all PN sets

      Please visit our administration sets page PN+ Infusion Sets for more information.

      Mini Rythmic? PN+ offers real mobility to patients
      • Small, ergonomic and compact pump for comfortable and truly ambulatory use
      • Extensive range of rucksacks
      • Lightweight: 290g with dry cell battery
      • Outstanding battery autonomy and battery pack of small size (2 x 5.5 x 10cm) and weight (100g)
      • A wide range of practical accessories

      Mini Rythmic? PN+ is ready to connect

      The pump supports the connection to the MicrelCare infusion control and monitoring system, through the IP Connect device, that brings significant value to this therapy.

      MicrelCare allows for instant remote monitoring of infused volumes over time through the web and shows therapy compliance. Another monitored parameter is the pressure and flow restriction of the Central Venous Catheter, port or PICC line which gives early indications of possible occlusion (subject to availability).

      Please click on the Specifications Tab on the right to see the specifications of the Mini Rythmic? PN+ pump.


      Delivery Modes Continuous, Volume / Time, Volume / Rate, Auto Ramp, 25 Steps, Intermittent
      Accuracy +/- 5%
      Flow rate 0.1 to 400ml/h
      Programming units Concentration ml/mg/μg , 0.1 to 99.9 mg/ml, 0.1 to 999.9 μg/ml
      Volume to infuse  1 to 9999ml
      Programmable infusion time 10min to 199h50min
      Auto ramp, up & down time 1min to 9h59min
      Early taper down Yes
      Delayed start 0 to 24h
      Flat rate titration Yes
      Air bubble size (to detect air eliminating filter failure) 0.1ml; 0.5ml; 2ml; off
      Automatic restart after occlusion release Yes
      KVO 0.1 to 20.0ml/h
      Occlusion alarm levels Low (0.5 bar – 7 PSI), Medium (0.9 bar – 13 PSI), High (1.3 bar – 19 PSI)
      AC input 11VDC 500mA
      Lock level 3
      Historic 6500 time stamped events
      Historic graph Volume / Time
      Connectivity Portable printer, PC, MicrelCare
      Alarms Occlusions, near end and end of infusion, low and depleted battery, open mechanism, preventive maintenance warning, dose limit, bolus limit, air eliminating filter defect (normal use has no air alarms)


      PN+ Therapy Brochure - English 

      Mini RythmicPN+ Technical Sheet - English  

      PN+ Therapy Brochure - French 

      Mini RythmicPN+ Technical Sheet - French

      Oncology Care Brochure - English

      Rythmic? Perf+ Brochure - English

      Rucksack DFU 4L adult
      Rucksack DFU 2L Pediatric / 2 PUMPS

      Please contact us to provide you with the latest Certificate of Conformity for Mini Rythmic? PN+.

      Regulatory Approvals

      You can download the following quality certificates from the "About Us | About Micrel" section:

      CE Marking

      ISO 9001

      ISO 13485

      ISO 14001

      Freedom without clinical compromise
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