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    1. Join Us

      Micrel is always interested in hearing from talented individuals that would like to join our teams of professionals in the following work areas:

      • Electrical, Mechanical, Electronic and Software Engineering
      • Sales, Marketing and Customer Support
      • Finance and Accounting
      • Operations, Logistics, Warehousing and Production
      • Quality Assurance

      If you would like to be considered for a position with us, please email us your CV at careers@www.wzz68.com mentioning the work area you are interested in. Your application will remain strictly confidential and will only be reviewed internally for current openings. Please note that Micrel cannot guarantee a reply to every applicant.

      Current Openings

      If you are interested in applying for a position(s), please send us your CV at careers@www.wzz68.com noting the Job Title or Reference Code of the position.

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