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    1. How Micrelcare Works

      The Wireless Technology
      Micrelcare functionality is based on the proven Rythmic? Connect wireless technology. This technology enables Rythmic? pumps to communicate wirelessly to a central server via a small GPRS device (IP Connect) that can be attached to the Rythmic? pumps.

      It's easy!
      Just plug an IP Connect to the Rythmic? pump and it works! Access Micrelcare services anytime through a password protected web interface on the internet from any device with web browser (Smart Phone, Tablet, PC).

      It's secure!

      • Access to Micrelcare web service is protected by login and password
      • The access is provided using the secured https protocol
      • The server is hosted as an independent unit in a data centre, offering permanent availability
      • Data integrity is guaranteed by the data centre protection against adverse elements.

      Personal Data Protection
      MicrelCare offers all necessary features to meet the requirements of the European Directive 95/46/EC on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data. Micrel Medical Devices offers a frame to guarantee the compliance of their customers with the requirements of this directive and its national derivatives.

      You can read more about the components of the Micrecare system in the Products section.


      Freedom without clinical compromise
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