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    1. Micrelcare Overview

      eHealth in Infusion Care. Imagine MicrelCare!

      Micrel Medical Devices has introduced Micrelcare, a unique web based service that enables actors involved in infusion care to report and monitor clinical and technical information on the infusion therapy.

      At the click of a mouse, healthcare providers, doctors and nurses can have instant access to the therapy information of their patients and monitor the ongoing infusions in real time. Anywhere, anytime!

      Unique Features for Unique Care

      Instant view of infusion status, 24h/day
      Nurses and Homecare service providers can see the bag volume, battery level and all the other infusion parameters online. Physicians can monitor the infusion progress and therapy related events like the requested and given bolus. Everything in real time through the web!

      Receive clinical feedback for your patient
      Thanks to a therapy specific questionnaire, the physician can receive patient's feedback on the therapy and its side effects. The questionnaire can be answered on the pump by the care giver or the patient.

      Receive alerts in response to technical and clinical events
      Technical and therapy related alerts are generated and sent via SMS or email. Nurses in charge are instantly notified for technical issues like pump alarms. Clinical related alarms are sent via SMS or email to the nurse and the physician.

      Instant access to the complete infusion history of your patients
      View the history of all infusions for each patient, including all pump events, online. Therapy specific history information and graphs help physicians to evaluate the therapy progress and to check patient compliance. Documentation of infusion care has never been so easy!

      You can see the components of the system in the Products section.








      Freedom without clinical compromise
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