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    1. Chronic Pain Management

      The treatment of Chronic Pain with a PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) infusion pump requires a safe and trouble free system without frequent unnecessary alarms and a trustworthy history back up. The use of opioids (via IV or subcutaneous routes) requires not only safety measures, like a locked reservoir, and programming levels security, but also close monitoring of the infusion both inside the hospital and at home.

      Micrel is offering the new Rythmic? Evolution pumps to address all these needs. The provided features satisfy, and even exceed, the expected safety, reliability and comfort required by medical staff and patients.

      In addition, the potential to remotely control the infusion status via MicrelCare is a really valuable service to clinicians, especially for the control of home-based patients. Useful information such as bolus history, recorded pain level (VAS),
      pain evolution, infusion history and graphs are all displayed online.

      Micrel is also offering a range of syringe drivers (MP range) especially designed for chronic pain / palliative care.

      Freedom without clinical compromise
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