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    1. Immunotherapy

      Treatments of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies require to be either administered Subcutaneously or Intravenously. These infusions need a safe, trouble free and easy to set up system in order to prevent infection and simplify its delivery in the home environment. 

      When a small volume of Ig is to be infused, syringe drivers are commonly used with a range of syringes up to 60 ml.Conversely infusing a large volume of Ig (up to 1000 ml) necessitates a pump with a smart disposable to manage multi-vial infusions and hydration at a high infusion rate with potentially multi-step programming. 

      In every cases, an extented battery operation with personalised carrying bags are essential to enable patient mobility.

      Micrel offers the MP mlh+ syringe driver for small volume infusions and the Mini Rythmic PN+ for larger volume infusions.Two dedicated solutions to exceed the expected safety, reliability, and comfort requested by medical staff and patients. 

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      Freedom without clinical compromise
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