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    1. Parkinson's Disease

      Parkinson's Disease is a disorder of the central nervous system that affects human movement. A very common treatment nowadays for Parkinson's Disease is the continuous subcutaneous infusion of Apomorphine through an infusion system. The ambulatory requirement for this treatment is high as patients are carrying the infusion device all day long, without interruption.

      Our syringe driver MP mlh+ offers the accuracy and ambulatory characteristics needed for this therapy. Alternatively, our Mini Rythmic? Evolution with an integrated 100ml container is a convenient ambulatory solution that is easy to use and has enhanced features for reduction of unnecessary alarms.

      Furthermore, our Micrelcare service enables therapy remote monitoring by care givers. MicrelCare is giving all infusion historical and ral- time data on the Internet, such as alarms, other events and remaining bag volume. Using this system, patients can also provide real-time feedback to health care personnel about their condition. The feedback is recorded in a database and provides the consultant with detailed therapy history and specific patient reponse to the treatment.

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