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    1. Micrel Medical Devices supports the first Nordic Paediatric HPN workshop!


      Interesting lessons, case report discussions, hands-on training, experience exchange and networking at #PaediatricHPNworkshop in Stockholm.

      Micrel Medical Devices supported the first Nordic Paediatric HPN workshop in cooperation with the Uppsala University Children's Hospital and Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital welcoming  34 nurses & dieticians with 10 speakers.

      The meeting during these two days was led by Kajsa Waldenvik (Uppsala University Children's Hospital) and Christina Wahlstedt (Karolinska University Hospital).

      We experienced diverse lectures on intestinal failure in children, central venous access, nutrition , both enteral- and parenteral- including home parenteral nutrition, safe handling and best practice  and presented MicrelCare as a possible solution to remotely support patients and parents at home.

      The aim of the workshop was to share best practice and see how the learnings could be utilized. This was achieved by active discussions on the diverse clinical cases and hands-on workshop.

      Freedom without clinical compromise
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