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    1. I am smaller. I am lighter. I am smarter.

      Intelligent, easy to use devices that prevent medication errors. Take advantage of unique features in the smalest size possible.

      Kids need to run!

      We listen to our patients. Our passion is to offer solutions that ease patient's life as never done before. Now kids can run.

      Is my patient in pain?

      Micrel enables instant sharing of patient status accross your care team at home or hospital.

      Home Infusion Simplified for all.

      Increase Safety, Efficiency and Transparency. Eliminate physical distance and bring all actors closer for a better care at home.


      Micrel Medical Devices develops, manufactures and markets a full range of ambulatory infusion pumps, administration sets as well as patient infusion control and monitoring systems for hospital and home care applications.

      With more than 40 years of experience in the ambulatory infusion systems market, we provide therapy-specific solutions that make medication infusion simpler, better and safer. We believe we can help patients from all over the world enjoy a better quality of life. And we prove it every day.


      Freedom without clinical compromise
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